"...The sculptural bench, the Infundibulum was designed from patterns in nature and the golden rule of proportions...."

My Background

As a young person growing up in Humboldt County I was an avid builder of tree houses and forts. I also tagged along with my father at his property maintenance business and was taught many skills. My passion for building exposed me to many new ideas and carried me forward. Over the years my knowledge of creating and building has grown exponentially.

Attending Humboldt State University between 2000 to 2006 I pursued a degree in Industrial Technology. My emphasis was materials and processes, expanding my knowledge of the building blocks of our world. I expanded my studies in physics and chemistry and learned about the molecular structure of the materials of life.Furthering this direction I took several classes in quantum physics and astronomy exposing myself to even more complex patterns and spiral galaxy's. All along this time applying these concepts to art. Attending many different art classes at HSU I felt at home constructing sculpture.

After graduating HSU I started my own company with my brother, Ironside Metal. The company specializes in custom gates, fences, architectural metal, and sculptures. One of the visions is to make functional art that inspires people in positive ways.

The sculptural bench, the Infundibulum was designed from patterns in nature and the golden rule of proportions. Infundibulum is in refrence to any funnel shaped part of the body. I use it in refrence to a passage way to another place. I like to think of the bench as a portal or time machine that can take you anywhare you want to go. 

Enjoy! -Chris Kieselhorst  



Location: On 9th st. between H st. & I st.

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Chris Kieselhorst

Chris graduated in May 2006 and Installed his work "Infindibulum" in May 2008.

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The piece is located at the Arcata transit station. 925 E Street Arcata, CA.


For more information on Chris Kieselhorst's art and his company Ironside Metal please visit

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