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“As a society we need to be reminded we do not stand alone, but as one family of mankind. There are others in the world struggling to have their basic needs met.”

“Where We Stand” is a house structure enveloped in warm cloth and filled with an abundance of food. Some societies have an overabundance and yet others have yet to receive food, clothing, and shelter. Beyond this we need to ask where our values lie.

My Sculpture is based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where the pinnacle of obtaining self-actualization must first be met by basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Once we obtain these needs we move through a series of steps self-actualization.

Unfortunately we have strayed from our true values. For most societies after basic needs are met, the next step becomes purchasing a vehicle. We are tied to our transportation. Somehow we thin the vehicle is a reflection of our intellect when in fact we need to reevaluate our goals of what one might consider success.”

Location: On 8th & I st.