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The Arts - Arbor - Arcata Committee are a goup of people interested in bringing public art to the town of Arcata, Ca. Thanks to the generous donation of time from its members and their financial supporters the committee has begun the process of re invigorating the community through the installation of inspiring public art projects. The Sculpture project began in May of 2007 with the installation of 3 public sculptures by Vico, Sierra Pahl, and Jimmy Nord. Since then there have been additions by artists Chris Kieselhorst, Elizabeth Johnson, Hollie Dilley, Justin Skillstad, Thaddeus Zollner, Kacy Ganley, Brenton Heriques and Toni Moss.

In this website you can find descriptions, photos, and locations of all of the sculptures & murals located around Arcata.


Sculpture Walk Map:

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9th & F st: Chris Kieselhorst "Infindibulum", Justin Skillstad "Untitled", Toni Moss "Hand Over Hand", Thaddeus Zollner "Untitled" 9th & G: Jimmy Nord "The Grasp" 8th & G st: Sierra Pahl "Breaking Into" Plaza: Simon Kang "Earth Eye"(center of square) 9th & H: Jimmy Nord "Torsos" Courtyard 9th & H: Vico "Donde Jugaran Los Niños?) 9th & H st: Toni Moss "Community Egg" 8th & I st: Elizabeth Johnson "Where we stand" 10th & Ist: Hollie Dilley "Butterpillar" South G st: Brenton Heriques "Balancing" St & Samoa blvd.: Kacy Ganley "Holding and Knowing"

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