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Location: 8th & G st

“With this piece, I hope to inspire a sense of creativity in all who view it. I want to appeal to the deeply imaginative parts of the minds of everyone who visits the Plaza, people from all walks of life. By refraining from labeling the form as a specific subject, I would like to leave it open to the observer to create their own ideas about what they think it might be. This away they become are participant in the art, bringing it to its full potential, not merely as a spectator.” -Sierra Pahl

Artist Statement

I am fortunate enough in my life to have traveled to many beautiful places, spending significant time immersed in the powerful elements of nature. Being in or near the water is as natural a state to me as being anywhere else. A river’s fluidity is illustrative of my course in life. Flowing over and in between, touching everything and taking tiny particles of it with me, slowly eroding a path where I have been. I am stimulated by and thus incorporate these elements into my work. It is within my art that I am able to fully articulate personal experience and uninhibited emotion.

My exploration of different and unconventional materials has given me unforeseen freedom of expression. Instead of designing work with a specific medium in mind, I first envision the idea and then carefully consider the appropriate materials. Working in this state enacts my ability to see the form in my mind’s eye and create intuitively. It is increasingly important that my art make a minimal impact on the environment. The pile of boxes that my household alone throws out every week inspired my use of cardboard to create sculpture. I use recycled metal whenever possible, and my willingness to include alternative materials in creation gives me unlimited possibilities to reuse what otherwise might be viewed as garbage.

I strive to engage the observer as a participant in my art, not just a spectator. It is my intention for the viewer to create his or her own idea of the pieces meaning. The possibility of personal connection to me through my art is something that I include in every piece. I encourage creativity in the imagination of the viewer, and seek to awaken the artist I believe is inside every human being.